At Ralphstrains, your ultimate enjoyment of the car is our main goal.  I have been building cars since 2003.  We can build a custom car with either your diecast model or one we can provide.  They can be built on a car from our stock or a specific car you’ve provided.

In HO Scale, we use cars from Athearn, Atlas, Intermountain and Roundhouse in 40′, 50′, 60′, 68′ and 89′ lengths.

In S Scale, we use cars from Lionel (40′ & 50′ lengths), MTH (60′ lengths), Atlas (50′, 60′ bulkhead & 68′ custom made flatcar lengths), Weaver (50′ lengths) and Atlas (89′ lengths).  Typically, in S Scale, we will utilize anything that is readily available, but prefer S-Helper.

Diecast models and car prices change frequently, so we suggest you shop based on the load you prefer on the car.  If you would like us to provide the car, contact us at for the current list of available cars.

Thank you,