Ralphstrains, LLC is a model railroad company based in Virginia with a passion for creating high quality, prototypical model railroad cars with loads. Since 2003, we taken pride in producing models with extreme attention to detail and the highest possibly prototypical accuracy using diecast loads. We specialize in load types that include farm equipment, military vehicles, construction equipment, trucks and various other types of miscellaneous machinery. In most cases, loads are set on flat cars with wood platforms (distressed and undestressed) with prototypical tie-down chains. The loads and chains are glued to the flatcar to prevent movement and breakage. You can easily weather the flat car, trucks and couplers, while leaving the attached equipment in its new condition, as it would be received from the manufacturer.

Our loads are diecast models that we can provide, as available, or we can use one provided by you. Ralphstrains uses diecast models from manufacturers such as Corgi, Ertl, Norscotand First Gear to name a few. Equipment from Caterpillar, Volvo, International, Liebherr, John Deere, Komatsu, Grove and several others are modeled on the cars. We use HO and O scale cars from a variety of manufacturers including Atlas, Athern, Intermountain, Lionel, Weaver and Roundhouse. Should you have a particular car you’d like to use, we will utilize it to build the model with the load you’ve specified. With the prices and availability changing frequently with diecast models and cars, we suggest you shop by the desired load and then contact us directly.

If you have a special request not seen in one of our galleries, contact us directly at ralphstrains@cox.net to discuss creating a custom model using items you provide along with materials from our inventory.